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Si Davis
  • Thirteen years and 2000+ hours of MQ-1 and MQ-9 Predator
  • Qualified Instructor/ Evaluator flight crew member USAF MQ-1
  • Qualified Instructor/ Evaluator flight crew member DHS CBP MQ-9
  • 16 years of USAF Tactical Aircraft - Instructor Weapons Systems Officer experience
  • Wildly recognized Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) Subject Matter Expert (SME)

MQ-1 Predator Sensor Suite - Master of all technical aspects of the Raytheon MTS-A and MTS-B sensor suites to include the tactical application of Day Television cameras, Infra Red detector elements, Low Light imaging arrays, fused image features and both Combat Laser/Range finder and Laser Target Marker systems.

Previous Experience

  • Air Combat Command-Operations Directorate - ISR Division (A3M) [Oct 2012 – Present] Engility Corporation - RPA Advanced Concepts/Low Observable Branch (A3MA) - Langley AFB.
  • DMO Program Management Experience - USAF Distributive Mission Operations Center [May 2010 – September 2012] Engility Corporation - (L-3) – 705 CTS Department of the Air Force, Kirtland AFB.
  • MC 12 Project Liberty [February 2010 – May 2010] Contractor Booz | Allen | Hamilton - Department of The Air Force, MC-12 Project Liberty Intelligence Reconnaissance Exploitation Cell (ISREC) Mission Qualification Training, Meridian Mississippi.
  • MQ-9 [Sept 2008 - Oct 2009] Contractor Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Boarder Protection, Air and Marine division, Northern Boarder UAS operations center, Grand Forks AFB, ND.
  • MQ-1 [May 2007 - May 2008] GS-12 - 556 Test and Evaluation Squadron, Creech AFB, NV
  • MQ-1 [May 2000 - May 2007] 11th Recognizance Squadron - MQ-1 Formal Training Unit (FTU)
    - MQ-1 Academic, Simulator and Flight Instructor - Qualified Aircrew Member MQ-9
    - Subject Matter Expert

System Qualification

  • MQ-1/9 Standardization Flight Instructor Sensor Operator (SFISO)
  • MQ-1/9 Sensor Operator / MQ-1 Academic / Simulator / Sensor Flight Instructor
  • Rated Instructor Weapons Systems Officer – F4E
  • Wing Electronic Warfare Systems Staff Officer
  • FAA Private Pilot – Single Engine Land

Mission Qualification

  • MQ-1 Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance (ISR)
  • MQ-1 Surface Attack Tactics (SAT) (AGM-114 K/M/P)
  • MQ-1 Combat Search and Rescue Coordination (CSAR)

Unmanned Aircraft (RPA) - MQ-1/9 - 2152 hrs

USAF – Rated Fighter: T-37/38/43, C-12, F4C/D/E, F-16D - 3500 hrs

Civilian - Private Pilot Single Engine Land - 355 hrs



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