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New Shepard In-flight Escape Test - October 19, 2016

Flightline Films Back in West Texas

On October 5, 2016, New Shepard performed an in-flight test of the capsule’s full-envelope escape system, designed to quickly propel the crew capsule to safety if a problem is detected with the booster. At T+0:45 and 16,053 feet (4,893 meters), the capsule separated and the escape motor fired, pushing the capsule safely away from the booster. Reaching an apogee of 23,269 feet (7,092 meters), the capsule then descended under.

First Ever Blue Origin Live Webcast - June 19, 2016

Flightline Films Rolls Its Outside Broadcast Truck To West Texas For Blue Origin's First-Ever Live Webcast

On June 19th, 2016, Flightline Films delivered the first-ever worldwide live webcast of Blue Origin's New Shepard rocket, propelled by its liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen fuel, to an altitude of 331,504 feet above the West Texas landscape. Both the launch vehicle and jettisoned crew capsule returned to Earth for another successful flight and landing.

Flightline Films utilized their 4k multi-cam launch & landing pad cameras, long range optical tracking camera units and outside broadcast mobile studio to stream and record this historic webcast event.

Historic Rocket Landing

Long Range Camera System Captures First-Ever Rocket Booster to Space and Back

On November 23, 2015 two proprietary JLAIR long range optical tracking systems owned and operat-ed by FlightLine Films successfully recorded the first time a rocket booster flew to space and returned for a vertical landing back on Earth. Blue Origin launched its New Shepard space vehi-cle to an altitude of 329,839 feet and FlightLine Films was hired to capture the entire ascent, separation and then landing of both the crew capsule and booster.

CEO of FlightLine Films, Jay Nemeth reports, "With one JLAIR being assigned to the booster and the other tracking the crew capsule, flight controllers had eyes on both vehicles at speeds up to Mach 3.72. Despite some cloud cover, we maintained imaging of the entire flight with our Short Wave Infrared Camera.”

Once the booster and capsule descended through the clouds, FlightLine Films resumed imaging with all sensors including two RED Dragons with 8000mm optics.

Head-to-Head Wingsuit 4-Cross Racing - Red Bull Aces 2015

Red Bull Aces Finals

The World's first Four Cross Wingsuit Race. Moving Images by FlightLine Films. Airborne Images. Replay XD. Red Bull Media House

Big thanks to the entire FlightLine Films team for once again raising the bar in aviation imaging!

Red Bull Air Race World Championship 2014

FlightLine Films and Red Bull Gear Up For The 2014 Campionship in Las Vegas, NV and Dallas, TX

Flightline Films spent the day, in spectacular late summer weather, at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway to film the new online video promo for the upcoming Red Bull Air Race World Championship 2014. The daring and death-defying aerial maneuvering by Champion Red Bull Pilot Kirby Chambliss, was captured from several vantage points for this video montage.

With FlightLine's Tom Schaus piloting the helicopter, Jay Nemeth operated the exterior Gyron camera system mount for the aerial shots. The FlightLine ground crew captured the images from strategic locations along the raceway in high-speed digital capture.

Red Bull Stratos: Camera Systems Used

Space cinematography by FlightLine Films.

A brief look into the custom space rated camera systems used for the Red Bull Stratos mission. Colonel Joe Kittinger, Jay Nemeth of FlightLine Films and Art Thompson of Sage Cheshire Aerospace discuss the complicated designs and implementation of the current array of state-of-the-art, high resolution camera systems and how they will be utilized to capture the this historic event in cinematic story telling fashion.

Final Shuttle Launch: Atlantis STS 135, July 8th, 2011

The Final Shuttle launch captured by FlightLine Films

FlightLine Films was on hand for the historic final Shuttle launch, STS 135, on July 8th, 2011 at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. With heavy rains the day before and weather threating the morning of the launch, NASA provided only a 10 minute launch window for Atlantis' final journey. At 11:29am Launch Control granted Atlantis' crew the proverbial "Go For Launch" directive, as a momentary break in the weather gave way. JLAIR 1 captured these powerful images via its long range optics using an HD broadcast camera, infrared sensor and the spectacular HD high speed cinema digital Phantom Flex camera operating at 360 frames per second.

Virgin Galactic's White Knight Two and Space Ship Two

Virgin Galactic's White Knight Two makes a show stopping entrance at Spaceport America

FlightLine Films travels to Spaceport America, in the New Mexican desert, to celebrate the arrival of Richard Branson, Virgin Mothership Eve (White Knight Two) and the future of space travel with Space Ship One. Watch as FlightLine Film's Mobile Optical Tracking System (JLAIR) captures this breathtaking imagery

Lockheed Martin's F22 Raptor

The F22 Raptor as captured by JLAIR

The smooth operation of JLAIR's long range optical tracking mount allows for unprecedented HD/2K/4K digital capture that out rivals any cinematic platforms available to date. Even with the Rator's incredible aeronautical speed, the F22 Raptor's velocity is no match for the JLAIR's ability to smoothly track the fighter jet in constant framing, as if it were floating motionless!

Shuttle Endeavour

For recorded history, FlightLine Films captures the final journey of America's Shuttle program.

For its last voyage, upon retirement at the California Science Center in Los Angeles, Space Shuttle Endeavour makes one last hurrah as it circles during the approach landing atop the modified 747-100 ferry at Edwards Air Force Base in the Mojave Desert. FlightLine Films was granted special access to set up their JLAIR along side the runway that welcomed home Shuttle Endeavour.

Red Bull Stratos: A Closer Look

The importance of providing situational awareness, space rated cameras and live video from space

This part narration part interview documentary short discusses, in further depth, the development of the multiple camera systems, from ground, air & space, the challenges behind operating electronics in the harsh environment of space, remote recoding, providing situational awareness on earth for flight control & the medical team and the critical path of delivering optical data in real-time for the live world-wide broadcast.



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