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Brian Caruso, President and Owner of Micar Fabrication & Design Company Inc. leads a team of highly specialized machinists and designers who have a long history in the Aerospace field.

Brian’s father, Michael Caruso formed Micar Fabrication & Design Company Inc. in Long Island, New York in 1958, and started machining custom aircraft, military and prototype parts for companies like Grumman Aerospace, Sperry, Fairchild Camera, Aircraft Specialties, Sikorsky Helicopter and NASA. Michael worked on the Apollo Lunar Lander Program for Grumman Aerospace and machined parts that now sit on the surface of the moon, years after the 1969 Apollo 11 Mission.

In 1986, Micar Fabrication moved to Las Vegas and developed even more customers in the military and aerospace field. They began manufacturing custom camera cases for long distance infra-red and daytime military camera systems as well as hand held military controllers and control boxes. Micar is also instrumental in machining & fabricating parts for the Medical & Surgical industries, Pharmaceutical industries, Stage & Show productions, Airport ground support as well as several Gaming companies.

Brian and his team at Micar worked with FlightLine Films on the design and then manufactured the three custom pressurized camera housings that will bring back the digital images of Felix exiting the capsule at 120,000 feet. Micar also assisted with the design and fabricated the electronics cage and pressurized keg housing that will protect the other camera components mounted inside the capsule.



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