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Barry Green

Barry W. Green is the author of the highly successful The DVX Book and DVX DVD and The HVX Book, as well as the current The HVX+HPX Book. He is an Emmy®-award-winning producer with four Emmy nominations for writing and producing television commercials and public service announcements. His technical background includes 13 years as a professional computer programmer and producer for Westwood Studios, creating some of the most popular video games in history.

Since leaving the video game industry in 1999, he now writes and produces award-winning corporate and industrial films, commercials, screenplays and films for Fiercely Independent Films Inc. and tours extensively as a public speaker and instructor. He’s an instructor in the HD Boot Camp series of HD training seminars and at the Wounded Marine Career Foundation, and an invited speaker at conventions around the globe including SMPTE Australia, Broadcast India, NAB, and Broadcast Asia.

He also serves as partner and moderator for, one of the world’s largest online communities for filmmakers, shooters, and content producers of all types.

Barry serves as the FlightLine Films Digital Imaging Specialist and is an expert in solid-state video recording systems. His intimate knowledge of the various camera formats makes him well suited for our air and space flown recording systems as well as the optical ground trackers.



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